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    Family Owned 
Established 1857

    Family Owned
    Established 1857

    British Association
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    British Association
    of Removers

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    Member of The
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    Our Removals Service Includes…  

    • Uniformed Crew
      Uniformed Crew
      Our trained crews are DBS checked and carry photo ID.
    • Mileage
      There are no hidden costs. All our quotes include mileage.
    • Goods in Transit Cover
      Goods in Transit Cover
      Restricted liability is provided as standard.*
    • Robe Cartons
      Robe Cartons
      Clothes travel in style in our robe cartons.
    • Covers & Blankets
      Covers & Blankets
      Slot-on, padded covers protect white goods and furniture.
    • Carbon Footprint Offsetting
      Carbon Footprint Offsetting
      To offset carbon emissions we’re planting 2,000 trees.
    • Used Box Recycling Service
      Used Box Recycling Service
      We’ll collect your flat boxes for recycling (or reuse).**
    • Recycled Materials
      Recycled Materials
      We use recycled/recyclable materials where possible.
    • Biodegradable Mattress Bags
      Biodegradable Mattress Bags
      Mattress bags are used once, then recycled.
    • Carpet Runners
      Carpet Runners
      Floor protection is available for both locations.**

    *Other options are available.
    **Fees may apply.

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    5 Quickfire Surrey Facts

    1. Daylight Bleedin’ Robbery!
      In the 1600s and 1700s Surrey was rife with highwaymen (and women, it was an equal opportunists’ kind of job!). New coach routes in and out of London from the South and South West that ran through sparsely populated scrubland, made it the perfect hunting ground. Blaggards like Moll Cutpurse, The Golden Farmer, The Laughing Highwayman and Dick Turpin ruled the highways. The less successful found themselves facing the executioner before their bodies were hung in gibbets (metal cages) as a warning to others.
    2. Martian Landings
      Author, H G Wells set his hugely successful War of the Worlds mostly in Surrey. We’re not sure whether he had a grievance with local councils or town planners but his Martians did blow large parts of Surrey to pieces. They might not seem out of this world, and perhaps the last places you’d think aliens would target but quiet suburban towns like Byfleet, Woking, Leatherhead and Weybridge all got zapped!
    3. Surrey Rocks!
      Surrey has always been a hotbed for rock stars, either born in the county or choosing to make it home, some of the biggest names in English music have settled in Surrey including; Paul Weller, Petula Clark, John Lennon, Ringo Star, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Eric Clapton, Norman Cook, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins, Keith Moon,  Brian May, Roger Taylor, Jimmy Page, Kenney Jones and many more.
    4. Green & Pleasant Land
      Moving to Surrey? It’s one of England’s greenest counties. It has 22.4% woodland, making it the most wooded county in England, compared to the national average of 11.8%. The county has the UK’s oldest untouched area of natural woodland at Box Hill. There are also a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest due to their diverse range of flora and fauna. The Surrey Hills is classed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
    5. Attention!
      Home of the UK’s armed services, Surrey has a proud military history. Caterham, Deepcut, Farnborough, Sandhurst, Pirbright, Ash Ranges Home Command and Regional Command. There are strong ties with the Gurkha Regiment plus a number of military museums such as The Museum of Military Medicine, Aldershot Military Museum, Aldershot Military Stadium and RAPTC Museum. The Military Cadet Training Core, Army Combat Centre, Army Reserve Centre… In fact it’s a wonder that the Martians ever decided to pick on Surrey!
    6. Inspirational
      The leafy lanes, green fields and towns of Surrey packed with characters have also provided literary inspiration for some of our finest authors who all lived locally; Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, Aldous Huxley, HG Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Louis de Bernieres, Lewis Carroll, PG Wodehouse, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Enid Blyton, Jane Austen, CS Lewis, EM Forster, Daniel Defoe, JM Barrie, Elisabeth Beresford, Nick Hornby, Agatha Christie, Flora Thompson, Cressida Cowell, David Walliams… You could literally write a book about them!

    Useful Surrey Links & Information

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    Population – At the time of the 2011 YouGov census, the population of Surrey was 468,250.

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    County Council – Find information, contact details and updates from Surrey County Council.

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    Refuse Sites – View opening times and location of your nearest waste & recycling centre.

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    Newspaper – “Read all about it!” Get local news online from Get Surrey.

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    Schools – View the latest Surrey schools Ofsted reports.

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    Museum – Discover a little more about Surrey history at the Surrey Museums.

    Weather - Overs icon

    Weather – Be prepared for your moving day whatever the Surrey weather forecast says.

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    Early Days

    Prior to the arrival of the Romans (what did they ever do for us?), the first major settlers in the area were the Atrebates, Belgic Tribe who put down roots around the Iron Age. A number of barrows (burial mounds) still mark the landscape, tributes to the various rulers of the time.

    Over's Removals

    The Romans made more permanent landmarks, most notably the roads, some of those early roadways are still followed today, such as the Stane Street which ran from London to Chichester. After the Romans decamped the Saxons arrived in the 5th century, marking the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon period. Alfred the Great set up a number of burghs, fortified towns to help defend against the ever-present threat of the Vikings who ruled the northern areas of what would become England. This was a volatile period with the pesky Viking hordes constantly invading, stealing valuables, livestock and even entire families and villages.


    The Vikings suffered a major defeat at Farnham in 892, by Edward the Elder. Kingston became the coronation point for English kings, however the Danes continued to drop by, including the Great Army of Cnut who would eventually take the throne.

    Having defeated King Harold, William the Conqueror set about dominating the rebellious Brits by fortifying towns with castles and installing his own nobles and supporters to the prominent positions. From this point on, Surrey’s proximity to London along with its roaming hills and hunting grounds made it the playground for the ruling classes and in particular later monarchs who built their own palaces and homes. The most famous of these was Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace (which was actually built by Cardinal Wolsey, but old ‘enry, not exactly known for his understanding disposition, wasn’t about to stand for someone else having a grander des-res).

    It was also in Surrey that one of the most significant moments in British history took place, at Runnymede where the ever-popular King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta by a group of rather unhappy nobles. This changed the course of law in England (although the common man wouldn’t feel the benefit for a good few centuries) and became the cornerstone of democracy, followed the world over.


    Surrey largely escaped the English Civil War unscathed during the 1600s but the Levellers movement once again changed the British Constitution when lowly and disenfranchised soldiers and farmers insisted on reform through the Putney Debates, the resulting changes in law were largely copied in the American Constitution.

    It might have seemed peace had come at last, but new roads and faster travel across Surrey lead to another new arrival. Highwaymen (and women!). The popstars of their day, the daring deeds of names like The Golden Farmer, Moll Cutpurse, Claude Duvall, Captain James Hind and Dick Turpin made national headlines, captivating the minds of eager readers, keen to hear of poor folk fighting back. Roads, towns and villages soon displayed the bodies of captured robbers as a warning to others.

    Over's Truck


    When the railways arrived in the 1800s they brought rich merchants looking to escape the Great Smoke for the leafy lanes of Surrey which has remained a popular county for commuters, business leaders, as well as the rich and famous, attracting the likes of The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Sir Michael Caine and celebrity faces ever since.

    • We know the traffic flow, best times of day to move and where to park.
    • Employing a local company means we spend less travelling time to your residence.
    • We offer overnight storage (or for as long as you require) at our nearby storage facilities.

    Secure Household Storage
    Are you a homeowner requiring long or short term household storage for furniture and personal effects for which you no longer have room? Do you need secure flexible household storage at short notice, with the minimum of fuss?

    With our multiple, large, secure purpose-built Hampshire storage facilities located in Aldershot, Farnborough and Petersfield, we can cater for all your storage needs. We can also arrange to collect and storage your belongings on your behalf. Please visit our Storage Service for further details.

    Why use Over’s for your storage needs?

    • Our household & commercial storage prices are cheaper than most other storage facilities in Hampshire and Surrey
    • Flexible storage – we can even deliver, collect and store your belongings for you
    • Friendly staff available on site: our experienced warehouse staff will be on hand to assist customers with packaging, loading and unloading.
    • Our facilities incorporate the latest sophisticated fire and security systems

    Of course, it’s not just the calibre of our personnel that matters. We are also proud of our modern fleet of specialised removal vehicles, lifting equipment, packaging and dedicated storage facilities to help us best cater to all your storage requirements.

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