Removals in Oxfordshire

Removals in Oxfordshire

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    Family Owned 
Established 1857

    Family Owned
    Established 1857

    British Association
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    British Association
    of Removers

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    Member of The
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    Our Removals Service Includes…  

    • Uniformed Crew
      Uniformed Crew
      Our trained crews are DBS checked and carry photo ID.
    • Mileage
      There are no hidden costs. All our quotes include mileage.
    • Goods in Transit Cover
      Goods in Transit Cover
      Restricted liability is provided as standard.*
    • Robe Cartons
      Robe Cartons
      Clothes travel in style in our robe cartons.
    • Covers & Blankets
      Covers & Blankets
      Slot-on, padded covers protect white goods and furniture.
    • Carbon Footprint Offsetting
      Carbon Footprint Offsetting
      To offset carbon emissions we’re planting 2,000 trees.
    • Used Box Recycling Service
      Used Box Recycling Service
      We’ll collect your flat boxes for recycling (or reuse).**
    • Recycled Materials
      Recycled Materials
      We use recycled/recyclable materials where possible.
    • Biodegradable Mattress Bags
      Biodegradable Mattress Bags
      Mattress bags are used once, then recycled.
    • Carpet Runners
      Carpet Runners
      Floor protection is available for both locations.**

    *Other options are available.
    **Fees may apply.

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    5 Quickfire Oxfordshire Facts

    1. Oxford vs Cambridge
      Not a debate we’re about to take sides in (we don’t even like answering questions during University Challenge!!) we’ll leave that debate to the academics. However, Oxford can claim ‘Big Brother’ status as Cambridge University was founded by students running away from Oxford after battles broke out in the streets between students and locals.
    2. Coffee Revolution
      The Angel Inn in Oxford was the first place in the UK to serve coffee and unleash caffeine on the nation. Today you can’t throw a skinny latte on a British high street without hitting one of the big chain coffee stores or an independent hipster roast house.
    3. Me Too!
      Having opened its doors in the 11th century, Oxford Uni wasn’t as inclusive as it is today. Originally it was purely for male students and only taught religion and theology. It took 700 years (1878) for females to be allowed to study and another 48 years before they could earn degrees. It wasn’t until 1974 that the final college accepted female students. Today the ratio is nearly 50/50, male to female students.
    4. Smaller Than Brizzle
      Oxford isn’t a big city, in fact Oxfordshire is a rather diminutive county. You could fit the county’s entire population into Bristol and still make room for a few bottles of Somerset cider (and if you were an Oxford student you probably would!).
    5. Protected Status
      Oxford and most of Oxfordshire was saved from bombing raids during WWII by Hitler himself. He allegedly wanted to make Oxford his new capital city after the war. Thankfully for England and Oxford, his plans didn’t quite work out.

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    Population – At the time of the 2011 YouGov census, the population of Oxfordshire was 651,761.

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    Local Council – Find information, contact details and updates from Oxfordshire County Council.

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    Nearest Tip – View opening times and location of your nearest waste & recycling centre.

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    Newspaper – “Read all about it!” Get local news online from the Oxford Mail.

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    Schools – View the latest Oxfordshire schools Ofsted reports.

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    Weather – Be prepared for your moving day whatever the Oxfordshire weather forecast says.

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    Museum – Discover a little more about Oxfordshire history at the Oxfordshire Museum.

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    The first Celtic tribes arrived in the area of Oxfordshire around 5,000BC. Prior to this there is evidence of Mesolithic and Neolithic settlements but the county was very sparsely inhabited. The Roman’s weren’t overly impressed and few Roman sites have been uncovered. It was the arrival of the Saxons that created more widespread communities who overran the aboriginal Celtic tribes. But they didn’t have it all their own way, the Kingdom of Mercia rubbed a northerly shoulder with Danelaw, the area controlled by the invading Vikings who were happily setting up home in their newly claimed lands that stretched from the Tyne and Humber to the Mersey.

    11th Century

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    Things soon came to blows as the Vikings looked to expand their territory southwards. While from the south, the Kingdom of Wessex also had designs on Mercia and indeed at one point the whole region was under the control of Winchester. The Vikings cut up ugly around 1010, the Great Army sacked Oxford and took control of the county. King Canute eventually took the throne but he certainly wasn’t the last king to disturb the peace.

    After William the Conqueror nabbed the English crown, Oxfordshire once again was ruled from Winchester where Odo, William’s half-brother was Bishop and the second most powerful man in England.

    17th Century

    In the 1600’s King Charles I left London having fallen out with Parliament and declared Oxford his new capital. Oliver Cromwell and his army followed hot on the King’s rather unpopular heals and Oxfrordshire became the epicentre of the English Civil War which raged from 1642 – 1651. The Parlimentarian Army also made Oxfordshire their new base to oppose the falling king. Abingdon, Banbury, Cropedy Bridge, Chalgrove, the battles came thick and fast with the various towns often changing hands (and the townsfolk usually blamed for the town having being occupied in the first place!).

    18th Century

    During the 1700s, with the monarchy restored, things remained relatively peaceful for the county. There was some trouble during the industrial revolution when hungry agricultural workers rioted and attacked new fangled farm machinery in protest at the loss of jobs, poor wages and lack of rights, but these were soon quashed by the sometimes heavy handed forces of law and order. Even in WWII, despite the many airfields operating in the county, Oxfordshire suffered much less than other English counties. It’s believed this is in part due to Hitler wanting to make Oxford his new capital of England once he had successfully invaded.

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    Modern Day

    Today the rolling hills and stunning areas such as the Cotswolds and Chiltern Hills make Oxfordshire one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. House prices are well above the national average and the county attracts famous names and celebrity house hunters along with huge numbers of tourists, especially to Oxford, famous for its university, spires, writers and historic city centre. The county (and in particular Oxford) are also rather photogenic attracting Hollywood and it the towns, villages and rolling hills can be seen in a number of blockbusters and TV shows. But at least there are no more kings causing scraps!

    • We know the traffic flow, best times of day to move and where to park.
    • Employing a local company means we spend less travelling time to your residence.
    • We offer overnight storage (or for as long as you require) at our nearby storage facilities.

    Secure Household Storage
    Are you a homeowner requiring long or short term household storage for furniture and personal effects for which you no longer have room? Do you need secure flexible household storage at short notice, with the minimum of fuss?

    With our multiple, large, secure purpose-built Hampshire storage facilities located in Aldershot, Farnborough and Petersfield, we can cater for all your storage needs. We can also arrange to collect and storage your belongings on your behalf. Please visit our Storage Service for further details.

    Why use Over’s for your storage needs?

    • Our household & commercial storage prices are cheaper than most other storage facilities in Hampshire and Surrey
    • Flexible storage – we can even deliver, collect and store your belongings for you
    • Friendly staff available on site: our experienced warehouse staff will be on hand to assist customers with packaging, loading and unloading.
    • Our facilities incorporate the latest sophisticated fire and security systems

    Of course, it’s not just the calibre of our personnel that matters. We are also proud of our modern fleet of specialised removal vehicles, lifting equipment, packaging and dedicated storage facilities to help us best cater to all your storage requirements.

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